ALICE luxury escort new york

My name is ALICE I am an Italian International Independent Escort.  Of course, as an International escort, NYC is the desirable destination to be invited to visit. The hotels, are without a doubt the best in the world too.

Luxury escort Montréal Toronto Calgary New York
If you are looking for a high end, stunning luxury companion to meet in  Montréal Toronto Calgary New York, I sincerely hope you will consider getting in touch with me.

I enjoy the company of discerning gentlemen, older, more mature. Gentlemen that value discretion, elegance, good company. I say older because they have lived life, have life experience and can bring Interesting conversation to the table.I prefer a mature gentleman to a younger counterpart.

As I said earlier, I do not tour in the traditional sense,  but I do distreetly travel to Montréal Toronto Calgary New York on occasion, if my clients book me to go there.


If you would like to spend some time together, perhaps in Montréal Toronto Calgary New York get in touch with me and we can certainly discuss options.

The process doesnt need to be elaborate and diffucult.

I would love to hear from you.

Please send me an email.

I am very approachable and easy to corrspond with.

Discretion assured of course.

Pls note that;

First of all “ I am not for everybody”. I do not accet last minute meetings and my minimun booking is 1 night, not less at all. When you’ll send me an email you will already know day, time and place. Book me 5 days before our meeting or I will not be able to manage all my biz.